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name: MEGH
blogs: 50% supernatural.
30% cute people.
20% other stuff like tolkien, marvel, sleepy hollow and sherlock
(p.s. i have decided to blog more freely but i tag everything uvu)
the cumberbabes
kevin's angels
networks i'm in

outernet friends
john to my sherlock

cool cookies

kinky lil shits

stuff i'm doing
the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
an assortment of 00Q, stony and destiel fics
pushing daisies s1
almost human s1
spn s9
benedict cumberbatch
tom hiddleston
lee pace
ben whishaw
andrew garfield
AM [Arctic Monkeys]
Days Are Gone [HAIM]
other stuff
you're wonderful and i'd like you to realise that
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